Sunday, November 19, 2006

hello test



Anonymous said...

test hello

i am sa said...

hello p'jo


Anonymous said...

Having no clue about this blog of yours before, I accidently discovered it. I was reading all and just wanting to leave a note at a first page of yours that "Congratulations" on your seem-to-be success in what you love doing. Lots of fan and lots of friend visitng your place where you have been updating your life to whoever is interested in learning about who you really are and how passionate you are about your life and your dreams. I wish you well-being especially on your health and wish for all the happiness in your life.

Wanna say sorry while saying good bye, if I have wronged you in any way or any manner - intruding your personal life and your comfort zone, I do hope your forgiveness. Promisingly, that I would not come back to mess up your life.

Anonymous said...

Feeling so blue,
Feeling so painful,
Having no clue that it would be such this hurtful to set someone flying free from our heart and soul.

Really need a glue and a wise man who, telling me what to do to get rid of this blue and you...

Anonymous said...

I look up into the sky,
as I don't want to cry (anymore)...
I have tears in my eyes and,
I was wondering why I am such vunerable.

I wish I could turn back the time, so I would not have come to know you and all these stuffs.
I wish I could turn back the time, so I would have fixed everything to be alright instead of having these fights.

Anonymous said...

I cannot eat,
I cannot read, and..
I want a special treat from someone sweet in order to live happily ever after :)

Wow! amazing.. Your blog gave me inspiration to write such sentences in Eng. It felt so good to release your inner self. Thank you for lending me your space to set me free ^-^