Thursday, February 7, 2008

ทะลุหูขวา (10): lyric: Shanghai


Let's move away together, go interplanetary
Maybe in Chinese weather, where it's sanitary
I'll go out trawler fishing, yeah we'll have tuna steak
I'm on a special mission, for us to have a break

We'll climb the corporate buildings
Spray-paint the outside walls
You bet that they'll be yielding
When the castle falls
We'll swim beneath the ocean
Near the coral reef I have a certain notion
That it will not be brief

We're going to Shanghai
To watch the red sky
We're moving to Shanghai
Goodbye, goodbye
We're going to Shanghai
So don't you cry
We're moving to Shanghai

Looks like we might have made it
Put on your silkworm dress
You look so beautiful and I look such a mess
Across the city's landscape, the sun burns crimson red
Maybe the moon will wait, before we go to bed

Maybe, maybe we'll have a fresh new start
I'll learn the martial arts
We'll have our own rickshaw cart
We're moving to Shanghai

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